The Piggery

Lovingly renovated by my husband David and Exmoor Builders the Piggery is no longer the home of pigs! It now houses my ceramics and has embraced its new life as a wonderful little studio shop.


Please no more than members from your own household inside at any one time. In the unlikely event of a rush, please wait in turn. The Piggery has a lovely big window at the front so you will easily be able to see if it is already occupied.

We are lucky enough to have two doors, one entrance and one exit, they have been signposted for your use. They are however very low doors, watch your heads!

There is local Exmoor Distillery hand sanitiser inside for you to use as you come in and before you leave. Please keep touching to a minimum.

Thank you for your understanding, Nicky xx

Current Stock

The Piggery is currently stocked with last years work, samples and seconds. These are all generously reduced and are the last of their kind! New stock will be added shortly, please keep up to date by following us on Instagram and/or Facebook.

Opening Times

My work pattern is all a little up in the air at the moment so the Piggery’s opening times are also a little irregular. When I’m working in the Studio (next door) the Piggery will be open. There will be a sign hung on the roadside of the building to let you know. If you are making a special visit please email to avoid disappointment.


Currently we have a Trust Pot in place! Cash only I’m afraid, if the correct change is unavailable, please shout I should be next door or within ear shot.


We have packaging laid out available to use if you need it. Please help yourselves.

Directions and Parking

Please see FAQs for directions. Parking is limited so please be courteous to Brushford villagers. There is some parking outside the Church (not on Sundays) and one parking space on the right just before the bridge although it is a squeeze.

Dogs and Children!

Please feel free to bring both! However please be aware that the ceramics are breakable and we have free range chickens. Any damages will I’m afraid be charged.